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Center for Advanced Dentistry, Dentofacial Trauma, Deformities and Dental Implants
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Saraf Hospital is a spacious, modern hospital with all latest facilities situated in the heart of Kochi city ( www.sarafhospital.in ) with ample car parking facility.

At the Dental & Faciomaxillary Wing here, we have facilities for 24 hrs.emergency management of dental emergencies and faciomaxillary injuries.

All complex treatment procedures requiring general anesthesia / medical back-up / hospital admission and monitoring - are undertaken here.

We have facilities to manage medically compromised patients, patients with restricted mobility as well as physically and mentally handicapped patients.

Dentofacial Esthetic Center (DEC) is a charitable trust catering to management of patients with severe dentofacial deformities.



Dental care of persons with disabilities and medical problems has always been a problem to tackle – for both the patients as well as their relatives. Many patients who belong to this category having severe dental problems have been suffering them in silence, out of difficulty to get dental treatment done in an outpatient setting.

We have started a novel scheme for oral health care for persons with disabilities as well as those patients with medical problems requiring hospitalization for dental treatment. We are equipped with all latest treatment facilities to perform all types of oral, dental & maxillofacial treatment procedures. This includes screening, detection and management of oral cancer patients, dental treatment of patients with uncontrolled diabetes and diseases of the various organ systems, dental management of mentally retarded patients and physically handicapped patients.

Under this scheme, we examine patients to assess the dental problems they have. We suggest treatment for these patients based on the nature of their complaints and clinical findings. We take them up at Saraf Hospital for treatment, strictly on an appointment basis, admitting patients whenever requirements arise or on an outpatient basis if admission is not necessary. Whenever house visits are necessary, we will be in a position to undertake the same. Constant medical back up and support is available for the patients during the treatment procedures. Conveyance for patients to and from the hospital can also be arranged whenever necessary.

Panel of doctors:

Dr. Prasanth Pillai MDS (OMFS) FICD Dr. P.L. Roopesh BDS, MDS (Prostho’)
Dr. Sreeja Prasanth BSc., BDS Dr. A.K.George BDS, MDS
Dr. Uma Olappamanna BDS Dr. Bini Krishnan BDS

Medical Backup:-
Dr. Syamala Menon – Physician
Dr. Abdul Rashid - Physician
Dr. Narayan Naik – Anesthesiologist
& the other specialists of Saraf Hospital

For clarifications and to fix appointments, please contact
Saraf Hospital – Phone: 2380452, 94466-10206


For appointments,
please call: +0091.484- 2380452/ 94466-10206
(Center for Correction of Dentofacial Defects
and Deformities)

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