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Swallow the saliva tinged with blood. Spitting can increase bleeding.
Retain the cotton placed at the surgery site by biting into it for about one hour. Do not replace the cotton yourself. You may have an icecream / cold milk-shake after the cotton is removed. Ice pack sponging over the face in the area of surgery helps control swelling and bleeding.
Do not chew up numb lips or cheeks. (Caution – observe children)
Consume only cold, soft foodstuffs during the day after the procedure. Start off with an
icecream or milkshake after 30 mts. No carbonated drinks or hard food for 1 day.
Take rest on the day of surgery. If you should lie down, prop up your head with pillows.
Do not disturb the surgery area with the tongue, fingers or any other object. Be cautious
while brushing your teeth.
Lukewarm salt-water rinse thrice a day, from the second day after extraction–for 2-3 days.
Kindly have the complete course of drugs prescribed by the doctor.
Report to us after seven days for suture removal.
Bony prominences or spicules – if present, to be left undisturbed. Alert your doctor.
Don’t use cigarettes, pan and liquor etc.- during the medication phase.
Restriction in mouth opening & swelling may be present during the post extraction phase. If it’s troubling, alert your doctor. You may develop mild bruising over the skin in the area of
extraction – do not worry.


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