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Center for Advanced Dentistry, Dentofacial Trauma, Deformities and Dental Implants
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(Center for Correction of Dentofacial Defects and Deformities)
Saraf Hospital, Ravipuram, Kochi 682016.
Ph: 2380452, 2361093.
Registered Charitable Trust - Reg. No: 603/4/2003
Email: drprasanth@pramodclinic.com

Facial harmony and beauty play a very vital role in the emotional well being of mankind. Facial appearance plays a vital role in human social relationships and affects the level of self-confidence and enthusiasm in individuals. However, not all people are blessed with a beautiful face or a smile and these unfortunate people find their facial appearance a barrier in communicating whole-heartedly. Many of them have inferiority complexes.

There are thousands of people in our own state, most of them belonging to the economically backward classes, who are unable to get proper treatment done, due to their financial constraints. Saraf Hospital has formulated a plan to help the few who have been afflicted by such problems.

We have opened a facial and dental treatment center - Dentofacial Esthetics Center (DEC) at Saraf Hospital, Kochi. This center is aimed at attending to the deformity problems of the face and teeth. The center will be addressing all problems affecting the appearance of the face in general - from small moles and pigmentations on the face to complex dento-facial deformities and defects. We are also making provisions to treat the poor and needy sections of the population who cannot afford the required treatment procedures, which very often include complex facial surgical procedures. The Center has been registered as a charitable trust. We have launched the program "Beautiful Face", a charitable project for the socio-economically backward patients.

The team of doctors involved in the project includes:
1. Dr. Anil Kumar Saraf MS (ENT) - ENT Surgeon
2. Dr. Jose Tharayil MS, FRCS - Plastic Surgeon
3. Dr. Prasanth Pillai MDS (OMFS), FICD - Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
4. Dr. Varghese Mathew, MD, Dermatologist
5. Dr. Narayan Naik, MD, Anesthesiologist
6. Dr. Sanjivani Saraf, Gynaecologist.

Prof. Dr. Varghese Mani MDS, an eminent Maxillofacial Surgeon of international repute is the chief advisor of the project. These doctors will also be assisted by another team consisting of Orthodontists, Prosthodontists etc.

The Lions Club is associated with the DEC in the Beautiful Face Project. An understanding has been reached between the Lions Club and Saraf Hospital, in which the Lions Club has taken this project as a health service project of the club and plans to make it as an ongoing health project in the coming years. The Lions Club has offered all its assistance to the project in the form of finance as well as aid in planning and execution of the project. The Lions Club will be organizing fund raising programs for the purpose.

Several drug companies have come forward and are willing to assist by providing free medicines. Several diagnostic laboratories have come forward and are willing to provide their services at a nominal cost.

As a part of an attempt to disseminate knowledge on facial deformities and to update doctors on the various treatment procedures to improve the facial and dental appearance, the DEC has been conducting various continuing education programs. The first of these was the famed cosmetic faciomaxillary national workshop "FACE 2004", which was held at Saraf Hospital, Kochi, on 22nd. & 23rd.of January 2004.

About 20 patients selected, after screening, have been surgically treated as a part of the first phase of the project. The expenses, which might be incurred in treatment of patients, can vary from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000 - or even more per patient, as many of them require complex surgical procedures involving use of surgical implants and such other accessories.

We are raising aid for the project through all possible means. We earnestly request individuals and organizations to assist us in this noble project... either in the form of financial assistance or in some other way possible. We will accept cash as well as cheques and demand drafts. All cheques / drafts are to be made in favor of "DEC, Saraf Hospital". Even the smallest contribution from your side will be highly appreciated. Please remember, you are contributing to better the lives of several unfortunate people afflicted by facial deformities... a noble endeavor.

Our slogan:
A project to add life to years of unfortunate few
To allow them to live with dignity and confidence


Launched by the Dentofacial Esthetic Center, Saraf Hospital
in association with
Lions Club of Cochin Queen City
Dr. Jose Tharayil MS, FRCS. Plastic Surgeon,
Saraf Hospital
Ph: O- 0484- 2380452; R- 2304482
Chief Advisor
Prof. Dr. VargheseMani BDS, MDS-OMFS
Head, Dept. of Maxillofacial Surgery,
Govt. Dental College, Calicut
R- 0487-2238472
Secretary cum Treasurer
Dr. Prasanth Pillai BDS, MDS, FICD,
Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Saraf Hospital
Ph: O-2375150, 2380452; R- 2206410
Executive Committtee Members
Dr. Anil Kumar Saraf, ENT Surgeon
Dr. Varghese Mathew, Dermatologist
Dr. Narayan Naik, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Sanjivani Saraf, Jt. Secretary

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