Dr. Prasanth Pillai MDS (OMFS), FICD
Oro-Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist
Director, TheSmileCentre.in




Our Main Dental Practice has been shifted from Valanjambalam to our new centre at Kadavanthra. Here, we offer a wide range of Dental Services starting from basic procedures to advanced treatment procedures including Immediate Loading Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry & Advanced Smile Correction. 




For more info, please visit our website: www.TheSmileCentre.in

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Saraf Hospital Dental Wing -  Web: www.SarafDental.com ; Mob: 9446610206.


(Pramod Dental & Oro-Maxillofacial Clinic)
Center for Advanced Dentistry, Dentofacial Trauma, Deformities and Dental Implants
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From time to time we will be bringing our articles useful related to Dentistry. Please feel free to go through them and get back to us with your comments. If you have any articles of your own which you would like to see published here please contact us for the same.

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